1 noun
a) (C) one of the groups in a society that people can be divided into according to their jobs, income, the kind of family they have etc: the professional classes | class differences/distinctions/privileges etc: Class divisions are as evident in Britain today as ever.
-see also: lower-class, middle-class, upper-class, working-class
b) (U) the system in which people are divided into such groups: class system: The old class system is slowly disappearing.
2 GROUP OF STUDENTS (C) a group of pupils or students who are taught together: We're in the same class in math. (also + plural verb BrE): My class are going on an outing to the Lake District.
3 TEACHING PERIOD (C, U) a period of time during which someone teaches a group of people, especially in a school; lesson (2) BrE: in class (=during the class): No talking in class! | take a class BrE (=teach a class) | geography/French/cooking class (=a period of time during which a particular subject is taught)
4 LESSONS (C) AmE a set of classes you attend in order to study a particular subject; course 1 (3) BrE: a class in photography at night school
5 COLLEGE (C) especially AmE a group of students who finished studying together in the same year: I missed a semester and couldn't graduate with my class. | the class of 1965/1973 etc: The class of '69 spent almost as much time protesting as learning.
6 OF ANIMALS/PLANTS ETC (C) a group of people, animals, or other things that can be considered or studied together because they are similar in some way
7 QUALITY (C) a group into which people or things are divided according to their quality: You get a nicer class of people living in this area. | in a class of its own (=used to say someone or something is excellent): Your mother's cooking is in a class of its own. | not in the same class (=not as good as someone or something): He's not in the same class as her at tennis.
-see also: business-class, cabin-class, club-class, economy-class, first-class, high-class, low-class, second-class, third-class, tourist-class
8 STYLE (U) informal style or skill that you show in the way you do something, that makes people notice and admire you: have/show class: The team showed real class in this afternoon's match. | class player/actress etc (=very good player, actress, etc) | class act (=used to describe someone who is very skilful, attractive etc): The company's very well managed, the class act of the industry.
9 DEGREE (C) BrE one of the three levels into which a university degree is divided according to the quality of the work: a second class degree
2 verb (transitive often passive) to consider people, things etc as belonging to a particular group, especially according to an official system: class sb/sth as: Heroin and cocaine are classed as hard drugs.

Longman dictionary of contemporary English. 2004.

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